Ever since Toronto declared a state of emergency, many residents have started to work from home. However, photos of crowded TTC buses have begun popping up on social media and are showcasing a lack of social distancing on some of the transit agency's routes. The crowded photos come after the TTC asked its riders to respect the "six-foot rule."

On Thursday, a commuter waiting for a bus tweeted that service appeared to be suspended on their route, causing buses to become dangerously overcrowded.

"Hey, TTC, enough is enough! How are hospital workers such as me supposed to get to work safely (and on time) when buses are coming less and less frequently? This packed vehicle is what I have to face twice daily. Is this your idea of Social Distancing?" wrote the user.

Many other tweets showing similar crowding on buses appeared on social media throughout the week. 

However, the TTC refuted the claims that service has been reduced, stating that all services are continuing to run as normal throughout the week, despite the lack of ridership. 

"Hi Dave, and Aura, service levels have not been reduced. I am sorry about this and understand if you feel uncomfortable boarding; however, there should be another along very soon after. I can pass this on to route management, though," the TTC said.

According to the TTC website, some express bus routes have been suspended, however, normal buses will continue to run on the routes that are affected. 

The agency is now asking commuters to wait for the next bus if one of their vehicles is full in attempts to help practice social distancing. 

TTC spokesperson Stuart Green told Narcity that the transit agency has implemented several safety measures to improve its social distancing practices.

"We have implemented rear door boarding and discontinued use of the farebox on buses to create distance for the operator," Green stated.

"We are asking people to use their best judgment when riding vehicles and respect the six-foot rule. If a vehicle is crowded, please wait for the next one." 

While some commuters may still be dealing with instances of overcrowding, overall public transit traffic in the city has taken a dive.

According to Toronto Now, the TTC has seen its daily ridership dropped to one-third of its average volume.

Green even reported that weekly ridership on the TTC dropped 60% last week.

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