Spring weather has yet to make a lasting appearance in Ontario, and winter conditions have continued to dominate even a month into the new season. Unfortunately, that isn't about to change anytime soon. Southern Ontario is forecasted to receive wet snow and ice pellets tomorrow

This weather alert affects the GTA too, which has been enjoying warmer temperatures lately. "Mild temperatures take a downward turn for most of southern Ontario," says The Weather Network.

According to them, there is a risk for wet snow and ice pellets in the GTA, London and Niagara regions. In other words, get ready for a messy commute tomorrow. 

Unfortunately, winter conditions are expected to be widespread in the province tomorrow on Thursday. "So if you're in a part of Ontario that's made it so far snow-free this week, you're probably thinking 'congratulations to us,' but not so fast," warns Kelly Sonnenburg, meteorologist for The Weather Network.

"It won't be long-lived, but it's not out of the question that a swath of wet snow will fall from London to Niagara and north to Georgian Bay early Thursday morning, with some mixed precipitation or ice pellets also on the menu before temperatures climb again for a rainy Friday," says The Weather Network.

Check out the weather forecast from The Weather Network for various regions across Southern Ontario below. Let's just say that it looks like spring is not even happening in the province. 

Sadly, winter weather is far from over in Southern Ontario. What you can expect are wild temperature swings. The bright side of this? There will be days that feel much warmer. This weekend, temperatures will rise to 15°C in Toronto

"Despite some additional glimmers of hope that see temperatures rising above the freezing mark, the back and forth swings in daytime highs are expected for the foreseeable future, with 'no sustained warmth in sight'," says The Weather Network. According to meteorologist Kelly Sonnenburg, there won't be lasting warm temperatures until the end of April. 

It's even worse for Northern Ontario – the region will be hit with heavy snowfall up to 30 cm tomorrow and it's clear that spring weather is not even remotely a thing in this area of the province right now. 

Here's hoping spring weather actually comes to Ontario as we move towards the last month of spring in May, before summer hits. 

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