It has been a rough week of Ontario weather, especially for the province’s autumn lovers, who saw every last bit of their favourite season stopped dead by cold and snow. As if it wasn’t bad enough that southern Ontario set records for its heaviest November snowfall in decades, it also broke records for its bitterly cold temperatures. It was so cold on Wednesday that the majority of southern regions in the province woke up to wind chills near -20, which believe it or not matched Arctic temperatures.

According to The Weather Network, Toronto’s Pearson Airport recorded a temperature of -13.7 C on Wednesday morning.

The shockingly low temperature broke the record for the day while solidifying it as the third coldest November temperature on record.

However, as dismal as that all sounds, it wasn’t the worst of it, not even close. Weather conditions at CFB Borden were so cold midweek that they tied with those in Alert, Nunavut, with both regions floating around the -24 C mark, and Arctic Bay also reaching the same freezing temperatures. 

The City of Toronto issued its first extreme cold weather alert of the season on Tuesday evening.

Thankfully, the alert didn’t last long. It was waived on Wednesday afternoon. However, one warming centre did remain open through Thursday to offer shelter to those in need.

The drastic temperature drop was served as a potent reminder to residents that we are in for a long and dark winter this year.

Cold temperature records were also shattered in Peterborough, Brantford, Barrie, Windsor, and Sarnia, among others.

Hopefully, Mother Nature will be kind to us this season and let us break the record for Canada’s shortest winter this year, I mean we can dream, right?

Thankfully, temperatures are expected to improve on Thursday and Friday with afternoon highs floating just above zero.

However, a quick blast of arctic air will have you bundling up on Friday evening as temperatures dip back to that sweet spot between freezing and frostbite.

"Friday night will bring a return to frigid weather with near-record cold temperatures," explained Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham. "Temperatures will remain below freezing on Saturday despite abundant sunshine."

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