Toronto said goodbye to a beloved zoo animal this week. The Toronto Zoo's alpaca named Scooter passed away at 18 years old after a decline in his health. The zoo shared the sad news along with a heartfelt statement.

The touching tribute to the animal details his last days, as well as his long and happy life at the zoo.

"We are saddened to announce the loss of our 18-year-old Alpaca, Scooter. Scooter was a geriatric alpaca, and Keepers noticed the decline in his health over the past few months, including decreased mobility, weight loss, and a decrease in appetite," the zoo wrote in a statement.

"After many discussions between our Wildlife Care and Veterinary teams, the difficult decision was made to humanely euthanize Scooter on August 19."

The statement goes on to praise Scooter as a great "companion animal" who nurtured baby camels at the African Lion Safari.

As if that isn't adorable enough, the elderly Alpaca apparently also loved to be included in groups and made noise every time his friends drifted too far from him.

Scooter spent his final days hanging out with his friends, which included three other alpacas and a donkey named Stirling.

"Scooter's favourite things included showers on hot days, going for long walks with his friends, and meeting guests during his walks throughout the Zoo," the tribute post states.

The Zoo also shared a photo of the happy gang.

"Scooter will be fondly remembered by the many Keepers that had the privilege to work with him as well as the countless Zoo guests he met over the years."

"We will miss his trademark teeth, frequent vocalizations, and 'happy kicks' that he did when he would follow his Keepers around and get snacks."

Back in May, the Zoo welcomed an adorable addition to its family, a cuddly newborn giraffe appropriately nicknamed "Baby Long Legs."

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