Grinder Coffee on Gerrard has launched a 10-day campaign inviting Tom Hanks to come say hi while he is in town for TIFF this year. Last year, with the help of John Tory, they actually got Ryan Gosling to visit. With TIFF around the corner, the independent Toronto coffee shop has a new opportunity to win over a Hollywood star this year, and they are going for it! When it comes to TIFF celebrities, 2019 is the year that this coffee shop might become the new Hollywood hotspot of the north.

"Every year the same criteria is that it’s someone I want to have a cup of coffee with and is coming for TIFF," owner Joelle Murray told Narcity.

"This year I had picked Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks because I felt like they would be really wonderful people to have coffee with.  So I let people vote on it and Tom Hanks ultimately won."

John Tory has not been able to help out with publicity this year, but that hasn't discouraged Joelle Murray, the owner.

"I’m still gonna ask some of the MPs or the MPPs in the area. I was even gonna ask Trudeau if he wants to take a shot. If you don’t ask you don’t get right, whats the worst that can happen?" She said over the phone.


Grinder Coffee has cut outs of Tom Hanks in their store which you can pose with and post on their social media, with the hashtag #TomNeedsGrinder.

"I do encourage customers to come in and take pictures with him," said Joelle.  "It started the first year with Idris Alba, he didn’t come. That’s why every post, I stick it to him," she added, laughing.

"We take our cardboard cutout and every day for 10 days (just like with the Gosling campaign) we give them 10 days of reasons to visit the wonderful world of Grinder Coffee," Joelle said. 

"All of this has always started based on fandom, being proud of our shop, proud of our city, proud of our neighbourhood. We always wanna promote the fun-ness of this cause it really is meant to be tongue-in-cheek and fun and hopefully that is what comes across."




Joelle started the campaign with her staff, and the fact that it is so grassroots is what she thinks people love about it. 

"I am an owner of an independent coffee shop. There isn’t a department, there isn’t a budget, it’s just me and my staff coming up with ideas so I think that is what resonates with people."


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