The Bloor Street Viaduct will be occupied by environmental group Extinction Rebellion this Monday, October 7 as part of their worldwide protests for climate action. They aim to disrupt "business as usual" to draw attention to climate change, and that means blocking your morning commute. The Toronto Bloor Viaduct protest is currently in effect for Monday morning rush hour. 

Sixty cities across the world will experience these protests today, October 7. Their website says that the disruptions will last for up to two weeks. The Facebook event says that today's protest will be going from 7:30 a.m. until 3 p.m. 

CityNews Toronto reports that demonstrators will be lying down in traffic lanes on the Bloor Street Viaduct. This is meant to show that disruptions will not stop if governments continue to fail to act on climate change.

Extinction Rebellion has filed a notice to the Toronto Police about the protest. They have divided the bridge into areas of low and high risk (of arrest). The meeting spot, Playter Gardens Park (north side of Danforth, west of Broadview Station), will be the safest place to protest, according to their website

Extinction Rebellion says that disrupting everyday life, such as the morning commute, is the best way to make people listen. Although it is frustrating for most people who are just trying to get to work, climate activists believe it is an effective way to draw attention to their cause. 

The Bloor Street Viaduct is a high-volume bridge that connects commuters to the downtown core. 

Over 300 are confirmed on the Facebook event page, and over 700 people are interested in attending. So far, there is no estimate of what the turnout is looking like. 

The summer has seen a slew of environmental activism by different groups. The Global Climate Strike was the largest, but the protests aren't slowing down just yet. Vancouver and Montreal will also be protesting today. 

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