One by-law officer is under investigation after a dispute was caught on camera in Toronto's Centennial Park. In the video, the officer was seen asking two women for their IDs after allegedly telling them that he would be "licensed to shoot" if they were trespassing on his property. Mayor John Tory stated they are looking into the situation and that the Toronto bylaw officer’s racist behaviour won’t be tolerated.

According to an Instagram post of the incident, the officer allegedly only stopped the two women to ask for their IDs. 

The officer allegedly said to them, “if this were my home, I would be licensed to shoot you guys.”

This statement was made before the camera started rolling, the women told City News.

They said that they were in the park working out in a field. Reportedly, there were also two teenagers who were in the area.

When the bylaw officer approached, the teens were able to leave the area without a problem. However, the two women were stopped.  

In the video, the officer asks for their license plate information. 

"You didn't even ask them for their identification. You're ready to take a picture of our license plates, but you haven't even asked them," one of the women can be heard saying in reference to the others who were also in the field. 

"The moment these two Black women hopped over the fence you asked for their identification."

Mayor John Tory has addressed the issue and has said that an investigation is currently underway.

"No bylaw officer should ever threaten or even suggest violence," Tory tweeted.

"While we await the results of this investigation, I want to be clear that as Mayor I will not tolerate any @CityOfToronto employees engaging in behaviour that threatens residents or demonstrates anti-Black racism."


In an email to Narcity, chief communications officer for the City of Toronto wrote that officials have seen the video and are aware of the incident. 

"The City immediately initiated an investigation, which is being led by the Municipal Licensing & Standards division with help from People & Equity, and the Confronting Anti-Black Racism Unit," Ross wrote. 

The investigation comes after anti-Black racism was just declared a public health crisis by the City of Toronto. 

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