As Ontario's battle against COVID-19 continues to escalate, another case has just been confirmed. A security guard who has tested postive for the virus has resulted in a Toronto condo being disinfected for coronavirus. The staff at the Scarborough condominium, located near Sheppard Ave. E. is working towards cleaning all common areas. 

According to CP24, the guard was reportedly working within the building periodically last week. However, no other diagnosis has been reported as a direct result of the virus.

Management is now increasing cleaning operations in the condo's common areas.

A statement that appears to have been posted by the condo management has appeared on Reddit that is informing condo owners that they will be disinfecting affected areas including the lobbies, elevators, offices, laundry room, and party rooms. 

"York Condominium Corporation No. 289 (the Corporation) was very recently informed that one of the onsite security staff (an employee of the third-party security provider) was diagnosed with COVID-19 after having returned from an overseas trip last Sunday (February 23). We are told that he is currently at home in self-isolation. But he working onsite at a condominium for portions of last week before the diagnosis," the statement reads.

Narcity has reached out to York Condominium Corporations but has yet to hear back. 

Toronto Public Health Spokesperson Dr. Vinita Dubey has told Narcity that when it comes to cases like these, they recommend "cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched objects and surfaces in general. We also recommend for workplaces to follow any routine infection prevention and control policies and procedures set out by their company or organization." 

"While the COVID-19 virus does not likely live on surfaces for longer than a few hours, the best intervention to prevent the transmission of this virus in public places and from public surfaces is frequent handwashing or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer," she added. 


A similar case involving a McMaster University student was reported earlier this week. The student had travelled to Italy before returning to campus and being put into "self-isolation" after showing flu-like symptoms.

However, the student was later tested negative for the virus. 

It was announced on Tuesday, March 3, 2020, that Ontario now has 20 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus.

However, health officials do not believe the virus is spreading locally at this time.

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