It can be dangerous navigating the streets of the 6ix as a pedestrian. Hit and runs have become a problem in the GTA, and more than a few Toronto drivers have been caught pulling reckless stunts this year alone. However, every once in a while, a motorist takes things to a whole other level, like driving on the sidewalk.

A shocking video of a driver swerving onto a busy city sidewalk was shared via Twitter on Tuesday, March 3, 2020.

The incident, which according to the Toronto Sun, was recorded near the intersection of Argyle and Ossington, saw a group of pedestrians moving out of the way as a vehicle drives onto the sidewalk to bypass a garbage truck.

In the video, a black Audi SUV can be seen mounting the curb, coming close to some pedestrians in the process.

The vehicle then speeds down the street on the sidewalk, also narrowly avoiding a sanitation worker.

A long line of traffic can also be seen stuck behind the garbage truck, so it's possible that the driver was attempting to get ahead of the crowd. 

“So, I was arriving home today, and I found that my neighbour was almost hit by a car in front of my own house. I tried to step in front of the car to don’t allow him to move, but I was scared to be hit by the same car,” read a tweet by Cristhian Camilo, who filmed the incident.

Camilo later tweeted out that they had filed a police report on the matter. However, it is uncertain whether the police have launched an investigation.

“Folks, I just filled the report. Is there any way to follow up? Or I just have to wait until there is divine justice,” the follow-up tweet read.


However, this isn't the first time that a Toronto driver has been caught in a reckless situation. 

Back in October, another car was caught on film driving onto a sidewalk in attempts to pass a line of cars that were stuck in front of them. 

In November, an impaired driver was arrested in Toronto for hitting 15 parked cars and a house.

The vehicle was stopped by a pedestrian who stood in front of its path until the police arrived.

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