The Eaton Centre was put into lockdown on Sunday, Aug. 18 after hundreds of anti-fur protestors showed up to the mall yesterday evening. Police were called in by the mall security at around 7 p.m. to deal with the situation after the protestors stormed the mall. Protestors were seen going up and down escalators in large lines, holding up protest signs, chanting into megaphones, and generally disturbing the peace, sending the Toronto Eaton Centre lockdown into effect.

The protests were quite loud and there were hundreds of them occupying a section of the mall.


They got so disruptive that mall security had to call Toronto Police in for backup. They arrived on the scene but no arrests were made. Police said they were just there to keep the peace.
Things did get a little bit tense though, as you can see in this photo from Jonathan Goldsbie of Canadaland:


The protestors can be heard chanting in unison while banging on the glass and just generally causing a commotion. Some people can be seen applauding their efforts. 


The Eaton Centre is one of the busiest malls in North America and attracts almost 50 million visitors annually. That's about 136,986 a day. The lockdown was no doubt a disturbance for everyone involved. Employees couldn't leave after their shifts, and people were generally just stuck inside the mall because of this.

The protest seemed to be organized by Direct Action Everywhere, an animal rights group that has had a history of public demonstrations in the name of animal activism. 

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