It looks like the 6ix could be headed towards a smelly situation. Toronto garbage workers could go on strike as early as February 27, 2020. CUPE 416 and city officials have been attempting to settle the contract with the City of Toronto that expired back in December. According to a CUPE news release, the end of the contract threatens the job security of over 5,000 outside workers.

If the strike takes place, city maintenance, including snow clearing and garbage collecting, could be delayed due to a shortage of labour.

The City issued a no board report on Monday after talks broke down between the two groups.

The communication breakdown drove CUPE 416 to accuse city officials of being misleading.

“Our job security language, like our entire contract, expired on December 31, 2019. This means the whole contract is up for negotiation. To say that we are going against what was previously negotiated because we want the job security date to follow the rest of the contract, is purposely misleading,” said CUPE 416 President Eddie Mariconda.

CUPE 416 is reportedly fighting for improved benefits for its workers, including higher wages, job security, and parental leave options. All of these issues have been pushed back by the city.

Mayor John Tory announced on Tuesday, February 11, 2020, that the city has created a contingency plan in case the approaching deadline is not met. 

“That settlement has to be fair to the people who do a very good job for us but also fair to the taxpayers,” Tory said, according to the Toronto Sun.

At the moment, Mariconda appears unwilling to budge.

“Our contract is affordable and sustainable, and we provide world-class services to the people of Toronto. If they have the residents’ best interests in mind, then they will come to the table, make a commitment to front-line workers and negotiate a deal,” he stated on Monday.

Whether the strike will happen remains to be seen.

However, it appears as though the city's garbage collectors are ready to strike if need be, which may lead to a smelly situation throughout the city. 

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