Toronto weed smokers have always had it pretty good. From the assortment of marijuana shops to cooking classes for edibles, the city's cannabis culture is pretty solid. With the stigma around marijuana slowly fading in the wake of legalization, its time to step into the future of cannabis, and that is exactly what by MoCanna’s new Toronto cannabis lounge aims to do.

According to Leafly, the organization’s new project, called byMinistry, will be a forward-thinking community hub combining everything you love about “High Culture”. Food, drink, design, health, wellness, art, and innovation will all come into play at the groundbreaking space. Finally, a lounge focused on weed that doesn’t count on you sinking into a used couch and watching TV.


The Globe and Mail revealed last week that the innovative new space will feature three distinct areas:

The Consumption Lounge, an 8,000 square foot area which will serve plant-forward food, drinks, and other related projects. The lounge will also feature edibles — as soon as they become legal to sell, that is.

The Lab, a culinary school where people can learn how to cook cannabis-infused treats responsibly. Students will be taught the proper guidelines and practices that go into making the best possible edibles. They will also be encouraged to experiment with their recipes using a more environmentally sustainable approach.

The Pit, a highly adaptable event space which will be available to showcase art, music, fashion, and culture. It will be led by Ashley McKenzie-Barnes, a well-known Toronto curator.

ByMinistry is scheduled to open in late 2019 at 850 Adelaide St. West.

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