Toronto is home to many species of birds. We've got robins, red-tailed hawks, geese and of course the ever-present pigeon. What we don’t have are cockatiels, which is what makes this recent sighting so concerning. A Toronto missing cockatiel was spotted in the city's west end this Thursday, and no one quite knows where the little guy came from.

“Hey Toronto, anyone missing a bird? This feathered friend has been visiting our neighbourhood for a few weeks now. Someone must be looking for him,” Toronto Police Corporate Communications rep Meaghan Gray tweeted on Thursday, along with a photo of the bird.

As it turns out, there are more than a few missing cockatiels in the Toronto area. If only they could all get together and start a club of misfit birds. 

One of the missing birds, Paquito, has been missing since July 7th. According to his owner, the cockatiel knows how to whistle and will fly to your shoulder. The exotic bird disappeared after it managed to push through its cage door on the owner's balcony.

One user in the thread reached out to the Toronto Wildlife Centre to see if the bird could survive on its own in such a different climate. No word yet on the answer.

According to Birds In Backyards,  the cockatiel is a species native only to mainland Australia, although there have been a few rare sightings in Tasmania. The cockatiel's diet consists of grass seeds, nuts, berries, and grain. 

I’m no expert, but I would assume that birds with habitats in tropical climates would struggle through a Canadian winter. Here’s to hoping that the little thing finds its way home before the weather starts to get less than tropical.

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