This November has been a very gloomy one. But now, a new mural in downtown Toronto is here to bring some colour back into our daily commuter lives. A new 10-storey Toronto mural has brightened the Deer Park neighbourhood with a vibrant display, and its certainly transformed the area.

The mural is the artistic vision of Toronto street artist "birdO" and presents a huge and detailed image of a deer head symbolizing the Deer Park area.

There's much more to this art than just the deer head, though.

Created in birdO's own artistic style, the bright colour scheme stands out boldly amid the grey office buildings of the neighbourhood.

And the style in which the mural has been painted creates a 3D illusion as people pass by. Not that you'd be likely to miss it anyway, with its several shades of yellows, blues, and reds.

"I've always wanted to paint something to this scale, especially in my home base," birdO, the alter-ego of Torontonian artist Jerry Rugg, said, per Toronto Life.

"I only want to go bigger from here. Hell, if I could paint something on the moon that you could see from earth, I would."

The artwork was created and installed in collaboration with the StreetARToronto Monumental Program and Slate Asset Management, according to a press release.

It's the first in a new series of large-scale art pieces in the city commissioned through the StART program. The scheme aims to provide opportunities for street artists like birdO to work with property owners in the city to create beautiful mural artworks throughout Toronto.

This particular piece was commissioned in an effort to revitalize the area of Yonge and St. Clair.

"I moved to Toronto when I was 18 years old and the first place I landed was at Yonge and St. Clair," adds birdO in the press release.

"It's a special moment in my career to return to the area and paint the largest mural I've ever done. Working with StART and Slate has been a great experience, and I'm thrilled with the opportunity to leave my mark on a neighbourhood that means so much to me."

"This latest piece fits in with all the other enhancements made to the area over the last few years. Our goal is to make lasting, impactful public-realm improvements that will continue to revive this neighbourhood," says Katie Fong, Vice President, Asset Management, Slate Asset Management.

This new mural piece is definitely an eye-catcher, and you can't say it doesn't brighten up the neighbourhood, right?

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