Toronto and New York City certainly have some things in common. Both are large, sprawling, multi-cultural cities and one of the largest populations hubs in their respective countries. And, according to one Toronto-New York comparison doing the rounds online, both smell?

This article includes strong language.

A Reddit post by a first-time visitor to the 6ix has the city's residents weighing in with their thoughts.

The visitor posted in the Toronto subreddit to go public with his view that Ontario's capital is "like New York minus the constant smell of shit." 

Now, we all know that Toronto and NYC like to be considered as interchangeable sometimes, no more so than in TV and movie filming.

Numerous films and shows set in the Big Apple are actually filmed in Toronto for financial reasons, with particularly the 6ix's financial district posing as a great double for the skyscraper-laden New York skyline.

For instance, Meghan Markle and the Suits cast have filmed in Toronto throughout the NYC-set show's run. In fact, only the pilot episode was actually filmed in New York.

But comparing the two cities by their smell may be something new.

It's worth pointing out that the poster, u/garrettrieschick, said that he "loved" Toronto on his first visit.

His assessment that the 6ix is just like NYC without the smell of shit certainly has Torontonians talking. And, perhaps surprisingly, it turns out there are plenty of TO residents who disagree with his dubiously flattering review of the city.

"The smell of shit may not be constant, but it's there!" said one cheerful commenter.

"Just wait till spring until the shit melts!" read another comment, so at least in this scenario, we get a few months off in the winter.

We feel this might be a touch harsh, but there you go.

Then, there's the astute person who observed that Toronto smells a whole lot of something else these days.

Other commenters took the Toronto subreddit post as an opportunity to stick the knife into NYC and insist the 6ix is indeed cleaner by comparison.

"NYC is Toronto's cousin who doesn't shower" was our personal favourite.

While, for others, the whole debate was just one big excuse to make a 30 Rock reference.

If you haven't seen episode four of season three of the sitcom, that might not make much sense to you.

Anyway, whatever you think about the comparison, it seems describing Toronto as being "like New York City minus the constant smell of shit" is a surefire way to spark an online debate.

Who knew?

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