The Toronto Police likely deal with weird calls throughout the city all the time, yet one call they received last night was probably one that they all had a good laugh about. Last night, the Toronto police responded to a call of a man walking through the area with a gun. When police arrived on scene they discovered that the man wasn't carrying a gun, but actually had a banana.

It all started last night at around 7 PM when the Toronto Police took to Twitter to warn the public that a man had been spotted carrying a gun. The man was spotted on the King St E and Victoria St area and Police informed that the 51 division was responding. 

Nearly an hour later, the Toronto Police released another Tweet to explain to the worried residents of the area that the situation had been dealt with. Toronto Police claimed that the suspect has been located, and it appears that he never actually had a gun like the police first suspected. Instead, the man was carrying around a banana. 

Of course, since the tweet has been released, the internet has gone absolutely 'bananas' over the hilarious incident. Multiple people have to respond to the Toronto Police regarding the incident, and their tweets have been hilarious. 

While it's a relief that the police were able to deal with the situation and it was all just a misunderstanding, users are still poking fun. 

To make matters even funnier, some users are responding stating that the Toronto Police should have called in 'Peel' Police to help with the banana situation. 

Of course, this isn't the only weird call that Canadian police have had to respond to in the past. Narcity reported on an incident that occurred last year where Sooke RCMP responded to a call only to discover that it had been a residents cat who had dialed 911 by mistake.

Victoria Police also responded to a weird call last year where they were residents called in to report a suspicious male who was walking down the road dressed as a ninja.  

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