Update on April 11, 2019, as of 12:30 PM: Toronto Police confirmed just before noon that the man was rescued from the elevator and taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. 

In a horrifying report this morning, Toronto Police are responding to a person stuck in an elevator shaft and at risk of being crushed. In a tweet this morning, Toronto Police reveal that they have been called to a building near Simcoe and Dundas streets, though they don't state which building it is. 

They report that a man is stuck in an elevator shaft. According to police, the person is in a wheelchair and fell into the shaft. To make matters worse, the elevator is currently poised to come down, which would crush the person who is stuck. 

Currently, people at the scene are pressing the button and manually holding the elevator doors open, which will keep it from falling. Meanwhile, Toronto Police, Paramedics, and Fire are all on the scene in what is considered a three-tiered response. 

One Twitter user, @AietaEphtekar shared a photo in response to the tweet from police. The picture of the Simcoe and Dundas area where this situation is unfolding shows multiple fire trucks and other emergency vehicles blocking the street, indicating the volume of the response. 

The incident unfolding in Toronto comes just weeks after an elevator recall was issued across Canada. According to Health Canada, Cambridge Elevating Inc recently had to recall three models of residential elevators that were found to be defective. 

The defective elevators are all at risk for the doors opening to reveal an empty shaft. If this happened it could someone to fall down the shaft, putting them in danger. Health Canada didn't release a list of which buildings have these elevators installed but states that there are over 1600 of them across the country. 

At this time, it is not clear yet what caused the Toronto man to fall into the elevator shaft in the first place as police have not released many details about the accident. That means it's also not clear what brand or type of elevator is involved in this case nor whether it could be related to the recent recall. 

We will update this story as more information becomes available. 

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