Another hit for Trinity Bellwood Park's weekend attendees. In a clapback to the outpouring of people that decided to flood the park over the weekend, some Toronto restaurants and a taxi service have decided not to serve the park anymore. Various postings on social media have given park-goers a heads up that food deliveries are no more.

After the massive crowd that formed was widely shared all over social media, lots of people were rubbed the wrong way because of the apparent lack of safety measures.

Social distancing was evidently not a thing as people gathered to party and form groups.

Even Toronto's Mayor John Tory decided to see what all the commotion was about, although his intentions of asking hard-hitting questions as to why they were ignoring rules turned into him having to offer his own apology.

And now some restaurants are taking a stance by refusing to deliver food to the area anymore after this past weekend. 

"Upon making a couple trips to the park for deliveries today and witnessing how poorly people were following social distancing rules, if any at all, we decided to put a hold on our park deliveries until further notice," reads a statement from Seoul Shakers In The Park, posted on Instagram on Saturday, May 23.

And that's not the only place doing this.

Owner and chef Leemo Han's other restaurants, Pinky's and Hanmoto, have also followed suit and refused to partake in any more deliveries to the area.

And the scene was so wild over the weekend that leading taxi firm Beck Taxi also decided to refuse service to people calling from the park.

"Please don’t contact us for a ride home if you’ve spent the day at Trinity Bellwoods Park ignoring physical distancing rules," read the business's tweet.

It wasn't just distancing measures being ignored but also public decency in some cases.

Toronto Police issued eight tickets for public urination or defecation at the park on Saturday.

Erm, that doesn't sound like good health practice to us.

After what happened this weekend, it seems these businesses aren't willing to contribute to park-goers' days out, even if it may have lost them a few customers in the process.

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