Visiting some establishments might cost you a little extra during stage two. Several venues have confirmed that they are charging more for their services to help cover sanitation costs. So next time you go get your nails done, you might want to bring some extra cash as Toronto salon prices have increased. 

Narcity reached out to some businesses across the 6ix to see exactly what prices will look like now that shops are opening their doors. 

Several nail salons, hair salons and even dentists are now raising their prices as they welcome back their customers. 

After speaking to Toronto hair salon Parlour, Narcity learned that their establishment will be charging $5 extra for all services. 

"The PPE costs alone are pretty high. Paper towel, hand sanitizer and gloves have increased dramatically," Tyler from Parlour wrote in an email.

However, despite the cost, they have added tons of sanitary precautions to the daily routine. 

"We are taking exceptional measures to ensure everyone’s safety," the statement continued.

Each client will now receive "a sealed kit of sanitized towels, gloves, and gown that is sealed and packed ahead of time." 

However, it's not just hair salons that will be seeing this price increase. 

Nail salons have also confirmed to Narcity that they will be charging a little more for a fresh set. 

Nails on Bloor on the Kingsway is charging $5 more to get a bio gel manicure.

While a new gel set at Yeti Nails on Richmond Street will cost you $20 more than the pre-pandemic price, they told us over the phone.

Dental practices in Toronto have announced that they will be implementing "PPE charges" to customers to help offset the costs of new safety equipment. 

Infinity Dental Group near the Ripley's Aquarium is now charging extra for daily PPE, Narcity learned over the phone. 

In fact, the Ontario Dental Association(ODA) has confirmed to Narcity that multiple locations could charge an additional $8-$18 on top of the services.

"A pandemic-related PPE billing code has been created for dentists to use, if necessary," Dr. Lesli Hapak, president of the ODA wrote in an email.

"The new meant to help cover costs for items like N95 or equivalent masks, gowns, face shields, and hair and foot coverings," Hapak confirmed.

As of June 24, hair salons, patios and pools have been able to reopen their doors for stage two of Ontario's reopening. 

However, many other amenities such as playgrounds still remain closed. 

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