Who can resist the allure of a free, mouthwatering donut? We know we sure can't. Luckily for Torontonians, you're in for a sweet treat today. Not only is the city's first-ever shipping container market finally open to the public today, but Toronto's Stackt Market is offering free delicious donuts for opening day.

This is a freebie you definitely don't want to miss out on. Especially because the donuts are from Donut Monster, which is famous for making some of the best donuts around. 

Donut Monster announced on their Instagram page yesterday that the beloved bakery would be giving out free donuts all day long to anyone who stops by the new shipping container market today. 

You can get your free donuts at Stackt Market anytime today from 8 AM to 8 PM. So make sure to head on over to Toronto's new hangout spot sometime today, whether it's on your lunch break or after you're done classes, to check out the cool new space and also get a free donut to indulge in. 

Donut Monster makes their donuts from scratch and uses only high quality ingredients to create seriously flavourful, unique and downright delicious donuts. 

Need further proof? Check out some photos of their incredible donuts below! You're definitely going to want to head on over to their shop at Stackt Market ASAP after you see the pictures. 

"We'll have a case full of amazing flavours and we're giving away the first 1000 donuts to our wonderful customers!!," reads the Instagram post from Donut Monster. "So get over to Stackt at Bathurst & Front for your free donut". 

So what can you expect from Donut Monster's donuts, other than the fact that they are beautiful and delicious? "Our yeast-risen dough is soft with a light chew," says the donut shop on their website.

"We pride ourselves on creating unique seasonal glazes and garnishes in combinations you may have never seen on a donut before. Our flavour menu is ever-evolving and we offer both vegan and traditional options."

This free donut from Donut Monster gives you the perfect extra incentive and opportunity to check out Toronto's new Stackt Market –which honestly you would want to do anyway because it looks really cool and there hasn't been a marketplace ever like it before in the city. 

So make sure you get your free donut today! Head on over to Stackt Market before 8 PM to get your delicious gift. The market is located at 28 Bathurst Street, which sits at the intersection of Front Street and Bathurst. It is accessible by public transit.

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