Sometimes, people feel they have to take matters into their own hands. Clearly, that's what one Toronto cyclist ended up doing. A Toronto stolen bike incident saw the ride of a 19-year-old man by the name of Nicholas stolen from a GO Station only to find it on sale on Kijiji shortly afterwards.

According to CTV, Nicholas locked up his bike at a rack by Mimico station on Wednesday but found it had vanished without a trace when he came back later that day.

Thanks to good old technology, Nicholas was quickly able to find a bike on Kijiji that looked just like his, being sold for $500. He knew it was his.

This wasn't just any bike for Nicholas, as his father had given him his bike so this held a lot of sentimental value. A streak of blue spray paint on the right wheel was a telltale sign.

In a bid to recover the bike, Nicholas contacted the police for help — the safe and proper way to do things.

Unfortunately, they weren't able to do anything for him. So, he decided to contact the seller himself and set up a meeting time.

The two met up downtown and Nicholas played the part of the interested buyer until he revealed his true identity to the seller.

Just like any superhero, he stood his ground and confronted the thief.

It should be noted, though, that although people are praising Nicholas for getting his bike back, this could have had a different result. Confronting a criminal is not recommended.

Metrolinx has footage of the robbery but is unable to release it at this time since the incident is still under investigation. If the suspect is caught, they could face criminal charges, according to CTV.

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