Some TTC passengers were in for a scare on Wednesday, January 15, 2020, after witnessing a fire on the subway tracks.  A shocking video that was posted on Twitter appeared to show a Toronto subway fire in Finch as a train pulled into the station. TTC stated that they were aware of the situation and Toronto Fire Services had been notified. 

In the clip, a small fire can be seen burning on track level seconds before a train pulls into the station.

While the fire is clearly visible, it is unclear at the moment how serious the problem was, or if it affected the track. 

“Literally a fire. On the tracks. And not a single worker had any sense of urgency,” Alisa Savina, who posted the video, wrote on Twitter

However, despite those claims, TTC services did, in fact, respond to the video stating that Toronto Fire Services was aware of the problem and was addressing the matter.

Shuttle buses quickly replaced the trains and TTC Service Alerts reported that at 1:32 p.m. there was "No service between Sheppard-Yonge and Finch due to a Toronto Fire investigation."

However, since the fire, it seems regular service has since resumed and the flames have been extinguished. 

Stuart Green, who is a TTC media spokesperson, confirmed to Narcity that a fire had, in fact, been reported this afternoon.

In a statement, he told Narcity, “A TTC supervisor went to track level and extinguished this fire. We know it was a small rubber insulator that caught fire. We will do a deeper review to determine the cause. There was a 28-minute impact on service.”

The TTC dealt with a similar incident back in December, after a fire broke out at Dundas West station.

Passengers were ultimately forced to evacuate through the tunnels, and service on the line was cancelled, which resulted in massive lineups for shuttle buses as Fire Services worked to get the flames under control.

The incident caused significant delays, and many commuters were left dealing with a disastrous commute.

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