Remember the time when we couldn't wait for the summer season? Well, the Toronto summer weather is here and it's actually getting dangerous. A heat warning is in effect for the 6ix and by the middle of next week, it's going to feel hotter in the city that in California's Death Valley and some parts of the Middle East. 

Toronto is in for a really hot July and next week is no different.

For the next seven days, from Saturday, July 4 to Friday, July 10, the city's expected to see consistent base temperatures in the low 30s.

Ah, lovely. Right? Well, throw in the humidity, and it's going to feel absolutely blistering.

Temperatures will gradually increase up until Tuesday, July 7 where the hottest day will hit. That day, the scorching 35 C temperature will actually feel like an eye-watering 43 C.

If that sounds damn hot, it's because it is damn hot.

In fact, for a few days next week, particularly on Tuesday, it'll actually be hotter in Toronto than some of the typically hottest places on Earth.

California's Death Valley at 40 C and the city of Iranshahr in Iran at 42C, for example, will still not be quite as hot as Toronto next week, according to The Weather Network's forecasts.

It's no wonder Toronto has an alarming heat warning out right now. It's hard not to sweat just thinking about it.

But while that particular stretch will be outrageously hot, the heat in the 6ix isn't something out of the norm right now.

For a start, Toronto actually had more 30 C days this June than it did in literally all of last summer.

For most, right now it's the perfect beach weather and it seems likely that people will head outdoors in their masses again this weekend.

Last weekend, despite warnings of shutting down, huge crowds gathered at beaches including at Grand Bend Beach.

And the crowds at Wasaga Beach were described as showing called "human behaviour at its worst" by Wasaga Beach Deputy Fire Chief Craig Williams this week.

But, by the middle of next week, it's probably going to feel too hot to even go outside for long anyway.

Just to be safe, Toronto is once again operating numerous emergency cooling centres around the city.

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