We all know the feeling — you’ve just gotten ready, eaten your breakfast, and left your house. As you walk up to the stop, you see the bus taking off without you. You let out a sigh and wait for the next one to roll around. Or, you can be the guy in this Toronto transit video and jump on top of a moving bus.

In the video, a man can be seen running after a bus as it lurches away from a stop, grabbing onto it, and climbing to the top. He briefly rides on top of the bus like a surfer, before jumping down and rolling away.

The clip was shared by Parkour Instagrammer @parkourporpoise, who has nearly 42,000 followers. The video has gotten over 30,000 views at the time of writing.

"When you forget your mask at home and you have to take the bus, 🤣 (please don’t try this)," he captioned the video.

Sufficed to say, the TTC is not impressed by the stunt.

"Needless to say, we absolutely condemn this kind of dangerous and illegal stunt. It's being investigated," said Stuart Green, TTC's Senior Communications Advisor, in a statement to Narcity.

Green explained that this kind of behaviour could cost the perpetrator $235 in fines, "but likely would be a summons to appear in court with a higher fine and possibly probation."

At this point, the TTC doesn’t know exactly when the incident occurred.


This isn't the first reckless incident in Toronto that has authorities worried about the lengths that people are willing to go for video footage.

Just yesterday, Peel Police called out a pair of individuals who were caught filming videos of themselves on GO train tracks.

Anne Marie Aikins, senior media management for Metrolinx, gave a statement to Narcity about the train track-climbers.

"We do not want to have to deliver tragic, life changing news to their families," Aikins said.

"This is already a very difficult time for so many people with the pandemic. Why add more stress to your families?" 

While she wasn't referring to the Toronto bus surfer specifically, the shoe certainly fits.


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