Is this road rage gone wrong, or just an oblivious driver? The Ontario Provincial Police is looking for more information on a Toronto truck video shared online which shows a heavy vehicle pushing a car across several lanes on Highway 401. The car is shoved into the hard shoulder guardrail with such force that its back bumper breaks.

Now, it's not entirely obvious what could have caused the incident in the clip, which has been widely shared since Jan. 13.

A version of the video was retweeted by OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt on Tuesday, Jan. 14.

In the footage, a large and apparently construction-like city vehicle is seen pushing a four-door car off the side of Highway 401, apparently on the westbound side ahead of Bayview Avenue.

The car is shunted across two lanes of traffic and into the hard shoulder, where it is crushed against the metal railing. The truck then appears to veer back into traffic.

A different moving car was in the far-right lane but thankfully seemed to recognize the danger in time, drifting right into the shoulder to avoid the perpendicular car.

Although the video is fairly short, a large truck can be seen seemingly following up and heading towards the already damaged car on the side of the road. 

The clip cuts off before we see if that second large vehicle interacted with the car.

As for the car itself, well, it looks like it suffers significant damage, including its back bumper detaching.

It's not clear at this stage whether or not there was someone in the car at the time of the video.

Sgt. Schmidt is looking for more information. "These drivers have some explaining to do," reads part of his tweet.

Traffic jams and collisions are a norm in Toronto. Just a few months ago, a truck caught on fire and caused a massive traffic jam on the QEW.

But this looks like a particularly unusual incident. Many people in the replies to Sgt. Schmidt's sharing of the video have speculated that the truck drivers were acting deliberately in pushing the car off the road, but that is in no way confirmed at this stage.

More information is certainly needed at this stage, hence the police request.

At the moment no one knows exactly what happened after the video was recorded. Hopefully, any driver of the bashed-up car is safe and sound.

For drivers on the 401, car accidents are almost a daily occurrence whether it be big or small. But this latest incident isn't the weirdest thing to have happened on the road.

You may remember recently that some guys thought it would be a great idea to kill traffic time on the 401 by playing some good old soccer to pass the time. 

Ah, the 401. Where traffic meets chaos.

Sgt. Schmidt asks the public to call Toronto OPP at 416-235-4981 with any information.

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