Toronto Police are now investigating two separate reports of feces being thrown onto people at libraries on Toronto University campuses. According to CP24, the first incident took place at the University Of Toronto’s Robarts Library on November 22, 2019. The second is reported to have occurred at a York University library on November 24, 2019.

Officers at two police divisions have been tasked with investigating the matter. However, a spokesperson for Toronto Police services explained that the two units would work together, given the similar nature of both crimes.

Students of the University have since taken to Reddit to discuss the issue, with several members of the thread offering up descriptions in an attempt to identify the suspect.

“The description is that he was a black guy wearing a dark jacket and a toque. It's most likely the same guy who wore a yellow construction hat and did the same at UofT's library. Another user confirmed that the victim was also Asian, so this could very well be a targeted hate crime,” wrote one student.

“I’ve never been so pissed in my entire life. I seen it happen right before my eyes. The guy he threw in on didn’t even know him. It got on my stuff too. So, traumatizing. My heart goes out to the guy who it happened too. This guy needs to face jail time now,” added another.

Numerous threads have been opened up by students to discuss the issue, with many of them warning other students about the attacks. 

It's unclear at this moment whether police believe if the two crimes are connected. 

It’s worth noting that police have not released an official description of the suspect.

Investigators will likely release further details as soon as more information becomes available, but at the moment, specifics are limited.

However, this isn't the first time feces has been an issue in Toronto. 

Last year, residents in the Queen St. W. and Peter St. neighbourhood were dealing with a serial pooper who was spotted defecating in the area on multiple occasions. 

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