Toronto has been pulling out all the stops in order to get road safety under control in the city. Over 1,000 people have been struck by cars in Toronto this year, and the city has a few prevention methods in mind. The latest Toronto Vision Zero plan has been to hand out reflective armbands, as well as proposing lower speed limits on select roads.

Toronto police were handing out the armbands last week, particularly to senior citizens in the city. 

Other than the armbands, the city has been putting several other methods into place, such as closing off certain roads with high collision records.

They also announced a few months ago that close to 50 roadways in Toronto will see a reduced speed limit of 10km/h. The speed limit on these roads will be reduced to 40 km/h by the end of 2020.

Speed enforcement cameras have also been put in place in school zones. Even with all of these methods, Toronto is still seeing rising numbers of collisions, so the next method has been to hand out reflective armbands to pedestrians. 

Some people are criticizing the armbands, saying that it is a strategy that does not deal with the actual issue of reckless driving. Twitter has been flooded with opinions on this matter.

One user even stating, "THAT.IS.NOT.THE.ANSWER."

While another user pointed out, "a whole crossing guard in fluorescent clothing at a flashing crosswalk got hit a few weeks back so nice story bro."

The consensus among Torontonians on Twitter seems to be that cars and drivers need to be targeted to take preventative measures, not pedestrians. 

However, police are still trying the reflective armband approach and some Twitter users seem to agree.

One user states that both cars and pedestrians have a role to play when it comes to street safety, "Everyone has a part to play. Drivers and pedestrians."

Despite peoples' complaints though, it does seem like Toronto is doing everything it can in all forms. 


They are also planning on making changes to road designs because research has shown that is more effective than simply lowering speed limits.

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