Summer's not finished with Toronto just yet. You may want to think twice about shutting your air conditioner off as Toronto weather soars back into the 30s next week. High humidity and blazing sunshine are going to make this a hot and sticky mid-September in Toronto.

According to The Weather Network, a brief but intense summer-like weather pattern will move into the GTA near the end of this week. Just days after frost advisories were issued in southern Ontario on Monday. The warm weather is set to come back in a big way and may even lead to heat warnings in southwestern Ontario.

"We'll see a sharp temperature divide across the province on Wednesday," Weather Network meteorologist Kelly Sonnenburg said about the rising temperatures.

Meteorologists are reporting that the shifting weather will also bring the risk of rain and thunderstorms. Take a look at the seven-day forecast for Toronto:

"We've got temperatures climbing towards the high 20s and low 30s, especially across parts of southwestern Ontario,” Sonnenburg added.

Thankfully, Toronto and Ottawa are expected to stay pretty dry. With the exception of tonight, with an approaching system from the northern U.S. bringing a risk of showers. Toronto may also get hit on Friday, but thankfully a warm and sunny weekend lies ahead.

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