It has been a wet and soggy month for Toronto weather this year. While January is usually covered in snow, mother nature has been known to throw a curveball from time to time, and she's undoubtedly keeping Torontonians confused for the winter of 2020. According to The Weather Network, we've seen so much rain this month that the 6ix could be on track to break a 25-year-old January rainfall record this year.

All the city needs is roughly 5 millimetres of rain this week to top the previous record of 110 millimetres back in 1995. Sounds likely, right? Well, it would be if it weren't forecast to snow this weekend.

However, with just a few days left of January, it is worth noting that 2020 is currently in second place for overall rainfall. 

January 2020 recently beat out the 1998's previously held record of 72.8 millimetres so, worst-case scenario, we will walk away with a silver medal and the achievement of breaking a 22-year-old record.

"Much of southern Ontario has seen 150 to just over 200 percent of the normal or average precipitation for the month of January," Weather Network meteorologist Kelly Sonnenburg explained.

"But with the warmer temperatures, a lot of that precipitation has fallen as rain."

"Currently, this is Toronto's second rainiest January on record with 105.6 mm of rain reported so far. Total precipitation for the month as of January 26 is sitting at 130.6 mm," added a statement from the network.

However, it comes as no surprise that this month was a rainy one for the capital of Ontario. 

Earlier this month, the city of Toronto warned of flooding as up to 50 millimetres of precipitation was expected.

The Weather Network also noted that February wouldn't be nearly as warm when it comes to weather patterns with "seasonal temperature predicted to dominate."


So, I wouldn't count too much on a mild and rainy winter this year, just a slightly delayed one.

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