Summer is technically over but judging by the latest Toronto weather you’d never be able to tell. Autumn has come late this year, and well the lingering heat may result in a few uncomfortable, sweaty pumpkin spice lattes, it’s also set to make its last stand this week. A rare daytime high of 38 C° on October 1 is predicted to send the GTA plummeting back into those fall-vibes faster than you can say Happy Halloween.

So, how exactly are we going to go from uncomfortably hot to seasonably cold in 24 hours? Well, according to The Weather Network, a warm front slowly lifting north on Monday is set to bring in a wide range of temperatures across Ontario.

Monday itself is expected to be cloudy with a slight risk of showers, nothing out of the ordinary for this time of year. However, Tuesday will have you cranking the A/C with daytime highs floating in the upper 20s which with humidex will feel more like you’re cooking in the upper 30s.

Fall isn't the only season to come late this year. Winter is also predicted to be delayed in Ontario with the worst of the bitter cold not expected to hit until early next year.  

The first breath of refreshing cool air won’t come until the cold front cuts through the intense heat on Wednesday and brings thunderstorms and showers before leaving the province.

That front is expected to bring in a surge of colder temperatures, so it's time to unpack your fall jacket since it's about to get brisk. 

According to Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham, this Tuesday will most likely be the last hot day of the year. "Much cooler weather is likely late next week with temperatures several degrees cooler than seasonal with highs only in the low to mid-teens," Gillham states.

So, you might want to go out and enjoy the warm weather while you can tomorrow, as it may be the last of it. Especially since the Almanac Calender has predicted that when winter finally hits in Ontario, it is going to be brutal. 

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