Toronto, you good? You might not have noticed as you probably haven't been outside too much, but the Toronto weather this April has been far from ideal. In fact, on Thursday, April 23, the 6ix is actually three times colder than Winnipeg and colder than much of the southern band of the country. 

Although we're only a few days away from hitting the month of May (where does the time go?), it seems like the brisk wintry weather doesn't want to go away.

According to The Weather Network, you can thank a low-pressure system treading through Ontario for the cold conditions this week.

And Thursday is taking it a bit far, if we may say so.

According to TWN stats, Toronto currently stands at just 4C on Thursday afternoon, but it feels around freezing, even below in some parts of the GTA.

In comparison, Winnipeg is currently enjoying a mild day at 13C, with the real feel the same as the base temperature.

And that's going to continue throughout Thursday, as Toronto is barely set to get above 1C in terms of the real feel. Winnipeg, comparatively, is on the beach with a real-feel of 17C expected this afternoon.

According to weather-ca, the average April high temperature in Winnipeg is just 10.9C. In Toronto, it is 11.5C.

So, the Manitoba city is currently way, way above its average, while Toronto is miles behind its own.

In parts of southern Ontario stretching to the western areas of the GTA, it's expected to rain through the day, according to TWN, but it will end off overnight.

Toronto's weather has been nothing but odd the past few days, and the city is well on its way to having the coldest April on record.


This week alone, Toronto has experienced a plethora of wild weather like strong, damaging winds which actually made it dangerous to walk around.

The weather has been so off that snow even made an appearance during parts of the week, making it a not-so-exciting April.

According to TWN meteorologist Chris Murphy, Toronto has been unable to exceed the 15C mark so far in April 2020, and Winnipeg will actually beat the 6ix to it, possibly by the end of this week.

Although the rest of April in Toronto looks pretty bleak, TWN reckons May can turn that all around.

As always, Canadian weather is just so unpredictable.

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