Although a winter storm seems to be making its way into the province, a wave of warmth will hit mid-week before a blast of snow. The Toronto weather forecast for the week doesn't look too bad with higher temperatures right into Thursday, November 28. 

Ontario is set to face a blast of winter weather this week bringing all sorts of horrible snow and cold. But if you were hoping for that last bit of fall weather, then you're in luck. 

In a Weather Network article by Meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham, Monday, November 25 will continue to see cloudy skies with a small chance of rain. But temperatures will be a couple of degrees above seasonal, according to Dr. Gillham.

Tuesday, November 26 will see more sun and mild temperatures before a Colorado Low will make itself known around the Great Lakes area on Wednesday.

This will bring strong winds and rainfall into the GTA with 10 to 15 millimetres of rain. Expect a messy commute throughout the day.

Just last week, parts of southern Ontario faced strong wind threats in the Niagara regions, as well as Kingston, the Caledonia-Haldimand area, and Simcoe.

According to TWN, temperatures will be above seasonal, reaching double digits across the GTA at around 10 C.

Although last week, TWN suggested that below seasonal weather will "dominate" the last week of November bringing in the cold, that doesn't seem to be the case until the last day of this month.

Friday, November 30, is when we’ll fall back into the cold spell and set the tone for the rest of 2019.

Although the 6ix will be missing out on the messy winter weather, the wind gusts will knock us back onto our feet to face the cold.

The only time we'll see most of the beautiful sun is on Tuesday, November 26, but for the rest of the week, expect gloomy grey skies and unpleasant clouds to go with it.

But don't worry, the holiday season is just around the corner so that's bound to distract you from winter's unpleasant wrath of snow.

If you've been planning to do some fun winter activities, sharpen your skates, or pull out your winter gloves if you haven't already. This might be the best chance to take part in winter fun before it gets too cold and we fall right into December.

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