In an unexpected turn for the worst, a woman in Toronto got part of her nose bitten off by her boyfriend after a night out for a downtown Toronto New Year's Eve party. Allyson Danylko shared a lengthy post on Instagram, along with a picture of her nose after the alleged attack. A Go Fund me has been set up for Danylko by her mother Stephanie in hopes of raising money for her daughter as she's out of work while she recuperates. The Toronto woman who got her nose bitten off has taken to social media to share her healing journey.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

According to Danylko's post on Instagram, the night started off with her and her then-boyfriend attending EFS, a nightclub by King and Bathurst Street.

Danylko and her boyfriend were arguing all night and he was acting weird before they decided to head back to his place, according to the Toronto Sun.

She apparently had a trip to Costa Rica planned and he was angry that she was going without him.

“I was cornered in the bathroom and he was holding me against the wall and I was screaming but he wouldn’t let me go and he bit off my nose,” Danylko told the Toronto Sun.

"Never ever EVER do I want another to go threw the excruciating pain," reads Danylko's post

"I was beyond in shock and horrific realization when I saw my image in a mirror 2 hours after the incident I couldn’t believe it to be true .. but this is my life now I have a hole missing off my nose," she wrote.

She managed to get past him and run to a neighbour's house. “It seemed like an eternity, but the police came and put me in an ambulance,” said the victim.

Just a few months ago, Danylko had a tattoo done on National Boyfriend's Day in honour of her boyfriend.

At one point, Danylko told the Toronto Sun, she had a restraining order against him. However, she eventually took him back.

According to the Toronto Sun, Halton Regional Police confirmed that a call was made at around 6:22 a.m. on January 1 to the house in question, where a woman had her nose bitten off.

Just a few weeks ago, a woman in Calgary was charged with Child Abuse after biting her baby during a livestream.

As for the missing part of her nose, police dogs were unable to find the piece, and Danylko alleges he either ate it or flushed it down the toilet, reported the Sun.

A GoFund Me page was set up to help pay for part of her bills and expenses while she's out of a job and recovering.

"Allyson does not have any benefits or insurance to cover her time off work so we are asking for funds so that she may be able to pay for essentials like rent, bills and food," reads an excerpt from the page.

According to the Toronto Sun, Danylko's reconstructive plastic surgery is scheduled for March, where it is likely that they'll use part of her ear to rebuild her nose.

The man in question is 30-year-old Nick Grewal from Oakville, Ontario.

Grewal will be in Milton court on January 28 with charges of aggravated assault, forcible confinement, and failing to comply with probation.

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