Woodbine Centre is an important staple of Toronto. Whether you used to catch a movie at rainbow cinemas or hit up the infamous Fantasy Fair, the mall holds a lot of memories for some people. Well, another memory was created at Toronto Woodbine Centre this week, but certainly not in the way the mall would have hoped.

Store closures and a lack of renovations have seen the mall become comparatively rundown in recent times. A Reddit post doing the rounds this week won't have helped that image.

What should be crystal-clear water in the moat surrounding the glass elevator inside the mall now looks like something out of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

Torontonians were pretty grossed out by the brown mud-like water, but Reddit users had a fun time with this one.

That user's not far off with the Tim Hortons shout, although we reckon a bit of extra cream might be needed for that sweet double-double complexion. It's pretty close, though!

Others, of course, couldn't help but think of the fantastical chocolate river in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. We reckon this is a little less magical, though.

Other Redditors joked this could be a new attraction to the mall. After all, the mall opened back in 1985 as both a shopping centre and the home of Fantasy Fair, so a new addition couldn't hurt. The Fantasy Fair is currently Ontario's largest indoor amusement park.

We're not sure we'd visit the Hepatitis Experience, if we're honest.

Good job Augustus Gloop wasn't around to dive in and take a drink, though.

The mall's Marketing Director, Guest Services Manager and Specialty Leasing Manager, Chris Couch, said there's really nothing to worry about, despite the off-putting appearance.

Apparently, this was simply caused by rust that turned the water brown. It's all good now, though, as the water has since been cleaned and is back to its normal, clear self.

At least Redditors were able to have a good laugh while it lasted, although we imagine it was probably fairly off-putting for shoppers.

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