Humans aren't the only ones who are missing their friends. The gorillas at the Toronto Zoo had some special visitors on Thursday, and they couldn't contain their happiness. Some fluffy alpacas stopped by for a little meetup, and it's the cutest thing you'll see all day. The Toronto Zoo's animal hangout had the unlikely pair becoming best friends. 

With the Zoo closed to visitors for the time being, the animals are leaving their pens to have their own little parties. 

Today, some fuzzy alpacas took a stroll to the gorilla enclosure and now they're all pals.

The Toronto Zoo posted a video of the rendez-vous on Twitter with the caption, "it's not every day a gorilla meets an alpaca."

While the alpacas seem relatively unphased by the interaction, the gorillas can be seen hopping about excitedly and banging on the window to greet their new friends.

The Zoo shared the video with the hashtag #ClosedButStillCaring, a campaign animal reserves around the world are using to keep us connected with their inhabitants. 

This isn't the first time an unlikely friendship has formed between zoo animals.

Last month, the gorillas were also spotted hanging out with some tortoises, showing that they have no problem making new friends. 

The Zoo also shared an image of a donkey and polar bear hanging out, while other critters played Connect Four to pass the time.

Over the past weeks, the zoo has also been posting videos and conducting live streams on Facebook to keep us all connected.

You can tune in to watch giant slithering snakes and dopey grizzlies from the comfort of your home.

As the zoo animals continue to have fun in the empty park, keepers are also waiting on the arrival of a new baby giraffe, who will soon be joining in on all the fun. 

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