If you thought it felt colder than normal on Thursday, you weren't wrong. The city of Toronto was put under an Extreme Cold Warning and it wasn't just a regular cold winter's day. In fact, it was recorded to be Toronto's coldest day of the season so far, according to The Weather Network. 

The freezing temperatures broke records with a low of -17 C in the morning on Thursday, making it the coldest day of the season.

The temperatures were freezing and visibility was low, wreaking havoc on the roads

However, despite the frigid temperatures, the first day of winter hasn't even officially kicked off. 

While the seasons don't change until December 21,  this year has got us feeling like it's been winter for months already. 

Hang in there, Toronto, because this is only the beginning. The Weather Network predicts that it will be a slightly colder than it normally is in the city this winter. 

In fact, all of Ontario is expected to get a "long, cold and snowy winter" this year, according to the Weather Network. 

They predict that we will get extended periods of extreme cold across the province, just like what Torontonians experienced this week.  

However, it's expected that between those periods, we can expect slightly milder days, before getting hit with more arctic air. 

The extreme weather alert is now over for Toronto for the time being, but based on the season's predictions this year, we'll be getting another any day now. 

The next few days are looking like they will be above freezing temperatures, so make sure to go out and enjoy those sunny and warm days while you still can. 


We can expect a bit of a thaw on December 23, with a forecast of 7 C. 

However, the windchill is always known to sneak up on southern Ontario. 

According to YYZ Weather Records, yesterday was the third coldest day in Toronto on December 19 since records began in 1957.

Two of the other colder years on that day were back in 1985 and 1973. 

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