It might look nice outside, but Toronto Police wants you to stay at home. This weekend, over 300 officers are expected to watch over 10 city parks, in order to ensure people are following proper social distancing measures. Toronto's parks, playgrounds, and skate areas will be closely monitored, and officers are ready to hand out hefty fines if regulations are violated.

According to a news release by Toronto Police Services, in support of the City of Toronto's latest social distancing rules, over 360 TPS members will be monitoring parks across the 6ix this weekend.

"While we are encouraged by the compliance we are seeing and the responsible actions people are taking, we continue to see people not taking these measures seriously and not acting in compliance," reads the statement. 

The effort will consist of 200 bylaw enforcement officers and 160 members of the Toronto Police Service from primary response units and community response units. There will also be neighbourhood community officers and staff from the mounted and marine units present.

Ten parks in particular will be given special attention this weekend, based on complaints the city has received from the members of the public.

Bluffer's Park, Rosetta McClain Gardens, High Park, Humber Bay East, Christie Pits, Trinity Bellwoods, Woodbine Beach, Allan Gardens, Sunnybrook Park, and Sherwood Park are the ten parks and recreational areas that police confirmed will be under strict watch.

Just last weekend, TPS actually had to turn away 800 vehicles from Bluffer's Park, and 140 from High Park.

Although many people have been practicing social distancing, there are still a lot of people ignoring the latest rules.

A new bylaw prohibits people from walking too close to one another, and not giving each other two metres' space. The fine could reach up to $5,000, in some cases.

On April 3, Mayor John Tory shared that more than 100 officers would be patrolling parks and public areas during the first weekend of April. Since then, that number of has tripled.

TPS states that Parking Enforcement Officers will also be patrolling these areas for people who continue to park in closed-off parking spots.

Stay safe, Toronto!

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