When in doubt, blame technology. Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders is facing scrutiny on Twitter due to a comment he made about the use of Airpods in regards to pedestrian safety. The comment was made after organizations supporting pedestrians and bike safety in Toronto criticized the police's lack of road safety enforcement.

According to the Toronto Star, the Toronto Police plans to form a "Vision Zero enforcement team" with a $1 million dollar city funding.

The effort is being called into action after noting that the reduction in traffic enforcement has actually boosted the number of crashes in Toronto's streets.

During the board meeting, Mayor John Tory spoke in support of a traffic enforcement team to be made permanent, which will then be funded by the Toronto Police budget starting next year.

However, according to a tweet by Toronto Star city hall bureau chief David Rider, after the police board meeting, Saunders mentioned that "the fact that we have people wearing airpods," as a cause of danger for pedestrians and cyclist safety. 

Twitter blew up in a frenzy of anger towards Saunders, accusing him of being dismissive and ignoring the city's data in regards to injuries and deaths. This all leads to due to a lack of road safety enforcement.

The backlash on Twitter criticizes Saunders, with some even calling on him to resign over the reported comment.

"His force has done a lot to allow aggressive driving and blatant speeding to become the norm by abdicating its duty to serve and protect on city streets," reads one tweet.

Just a few weeks ago, a cyclist on the Danforth was doored by a car the same day a meeting was to be held in order to include the installation of a bike lane pilot in the area.

As the days get darker, a week-long safety initiative was held by the police earlier this month.  Due to poor weather and lower visibility, accidents are more likely to happen at this time of year.

Although a Toronto road safety campaign has been initiated, many people seem to remain concerned about the growing issue of driver-pedestrian accidents. Many seem to agree that Airpods have nothing to do with it.

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