Toronto experienced a historic snowfall on Monday night, marking the most snow our city has ever seen this early on in November. Of course, when the weather gets extreme, many parts of the city suffer, and the TTC is no exception. TTC delays must've felt extra lengthy today in the frigid cold, and many riders took to Twitter to voice their frustrations. 

Many of the service detours and delays were due to car accidents. The weather was so bad last night that there were over 400 collisions reported throughout Ontario.

That seemed to have continued on into Tuesday morning because there were a significant amount of detours for that reason. 

The TTC  tweeted that there was a 20-minute delay on several bus routes due to "inclement weather". 

One TTC passenger wrote that they were waiting on the platform for up to 15 minutes for trains that usually take three minutes to come. When the trains did arrive, they were reportedly full.  

"How about we start sending some empty trains to Bloor in the morning," he wrote, while also adding that it is hard to justify "paying to stand on the platform for 15 minutes then getting my face plastered against the doors for another 15. And forget even trying to get on the streetcar."

Other passengers had similar sentiments. One user even stating, "All Gelncairn short turn trains cause big gaps (8 min south at Wilson) daily and alot of unnecessary crowding."

Frustrated, freezing passengers were not having it today. The TTC tweeted multiple times that these 20-minute delays would be ongoing throughout the day.

However, commuters claim that the wait times seemed to be much longer than 20 minutes across the board. One Twitter user said she waited over 40 minutes in the freezing temperatures for a bus this morning.

Another passenger waited 38 minutes for a bus at Lawrence West Station. These are well over regular wait times.

Tomorrow's another day and hopefully, everyone has an easier commute.

The first major snowfall of the year always dishevels the whole city, especially when cars are crashing into each other, people don't have their winter tires yet, and the TTC struggles to keep up. 

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