The TTC was a disaster on Wednesday morning and this time the weather wasn't to blame. Multiple delays were reported throughout Wednesday as track rehabilitation was needed on Line 1. These TTC delays on Line 1 today had people travelling for hours to get to their destination. 

On Wednesday, the transport agency issued a service alert that warned people that they would be experiencing "longer than normal travel times Northbound from King to Finch due to a restricted speed zone," for the entirety of the morning.  

However, it wasn't just the one delay that had commuters in shambles. While Line 1 was experiencing longer-than-normal wait times due to track rehabilitation, they were also responding to a security incident near Eglinton West that led to even more service interruptions. 

Commuters are criticizing the fact that they decided to do track repairs and rehabilitation on Wednesday morning during rush hour. However, it was necessary due to a damaged track that needed repair, according to their Customer Service.

According to commuters, multiple people travelled for well over an hour for trips that normally take under an hour on a good day. 

Multiple people shared their bad experiences, such as missing their busses out of town, or being late to work, even when they left home with plenty of time to spare. 

One user even recalled how long it took them to get to their destination, "I got to union station at 8:30 am and didn't get to Don mills station until 10:10!! Thank you TTC!!!"

While another user recalled, "I was stuck on the train for more than an hour."

Despite the hate, TTC services tried their best to accommodate everyone by explaining the issues. 

The service even stated that "Today's delays are not the norm and were the result of numerous emergency alarms, restricted speed zones and track rehabilitation. Apologies for the inconvenience."





However, this isn't the first time that the TTC has faced multiple delays. Last winter they faced multiple days of service interruptions due to extreme cold

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