Another day, another downtown disruption. If you normally take the streetcar to and from work in downtown Toronto, you might want to change up your commute. The TTC has pulled its 501, 501L and 508 vehicles after seven of the TTC streetcars were found to have brake damage.

According to a tweet sent out by the TTC Notices account, the streetcar services that operate on the Queen Street routes will have buses running instead while the problem is assessed.

That also extends to include service west of Roncesvalles.

Stuart Green, TTC media relations, advised in a tweet that customers who normally use these three routes should find alternative methods of commuting.

If you take the 508 streetcar route, TTC notices recommend taking the 504 King and then using the 501 Queen replacement buses.

"The repair is fairly simple but the cause is what we need to identify before we put service back out," Green told Narcity in an email.

Green added in a tweet that the halted service is out of "an abudnance of caution."

Track inspections are expected to run through rush time hours so buses will run between Long Branch and Neville Park Loops.

At the moment, crews are investigating to see if rail tracks have damage to them, as well.

There's a chance with all this disruption that the buses may be particularly crowded, notes the TTC.

"Crews are investigating causes including possible track damage," reads the statement tweeted by Green.

"We recommend customers normally using 501, 501L and 508 seek alternative routes where possible. Buses will likely be crowded. We apologize for this inconvenience, but as always, it's safety first!"

It's not been confirmed how long it'll take the streetcars to be back in service on this route.

However, Green tweeted later on Wednesday afternoon that "streetcars (will) only go back on Queen when we know it's safe."

Just last week, the TTC announced it will be retiring its older streetcars by December 29, 2019. The CLRVs have served the Toronto community for over 40 years.

In an effort to pay tribute to the old school streetcars, one of the CLRVs even went under the paintbrush and had a colourful transformation as part of a public art project.

For now, let's hope everything gets back to normal before we get hit with another blast of winter snow.

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