It is going to be a cold and sluggish commute for Toronto subway riders Thursday morning. According to the TTC, a train derailment at St. George Station has delayed travel times between St. Clair West and Union Thursday morning. Maintenance crews are on the scene. However, no updates on when service will return to normal have been given.

CBC reported that around 100 shuttle buses are now operating along Line 1.

Videos showing large crowds of commuters attempting to squeeze onto buses have also begun to surface online. The clips highlight the severity of the issue, which has forced hundreds of travellers to wait outside.

The transit agency is advising other stranded customers to transfer to GO Transit, which they can do for the cost of a TTC fare.

TTC Customer Service was barraged by complaints on Twitter following the delays, with customers lashing out over the lack of service.

"I'm on the 142 Downtown Express people that have been waiting for a while for a shuttle bus are trying to get on the bus but the driver tells them is extra fair, and when people say the subway is not running he tells them that's not his problem," wrote one commuter.

"Have you seen St. Clair station? Thousands of people trying to evacuate the station using just 3 stairways! Crazy! That makes me think about in case of an emergency... people'd crash you" added another.

Narcity reached out to TTC spokesperson Kadeem Griffiths who confirmed that crews were on scene to fix the issue, and alternative options have been made available to customers.

Griffiths was not able to say when regular travel times will resume, adding that crews are "making sure to work safely and not to rush the operation."

A similar issue plagued the TTC back in January after a partial train derailment suspended service between Jane and Ossington subway stations.

The problem, which took hours to resolve, saw large crowds of commuters flood into the streets outside of Jane Station.

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