Who doesn't want to enjoy some eye-catching art while taking a ride on the subway? TTC riders at Union Station on either side of the line are treated with local contemporary art, but some are calling a certain piece "creepy" and almost "terrifying". Reddit users are giving their two cents on the Union Station art.

Although this piece was done back in 2015, people are still talking about it today after a Reddit user uploaded this picture.

The art installation was created by Stuart Reid and is called Zones of Immersion, and it's certainly fair to say that it's had TTC riders on their toes.

In fact, many appear to have been pretty taken back by the type of art displayed. Others, though, can see the appealing side.

Although some people understand the meaning behind the installation, others really don't understand why it couldn't look more cheerful.

And some... well, you can take this as a sign of support.

It seems like this piece is a permanent part of Union Station, at least for the time being.

So, no matter what, its time for riders to embrace this artistic piece. After all, it's inspired by Toronto and its commuters, whether or not some take that as an insult.

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