A new video showing GTA road rage at its finest has residents looking for answers. A Toronto woman yelled racist remarks at another female driver during an argument over an alleged rear-ending at the intersection of Midland and Lawrence on Tuesday. The video of road rage in Toronto has gone viral, and many people say that they want to see her brought to justice for her behaviour.

In the video, a cleary infuriated woman with long blonde hair can be seen shouting and walking towards a silver car. The blonde woman can then be heard demanding that the driver exits her vehicle and hand over her “papers”. When the driver refuses, the woman forces her way into the car and attempts to find them herself. A man can also be seen resting his foot on the hood of the car to block the driver from leaving.

As the video continues, a small crowd begins to gather as the driver starts filming the woman, who tries to assault the motorist. A bystander immediately jumps in to intervene. The woman begins shouting racial slurs at the driver, calling her an "illegal b*tch" and a "paki".

The origins of the video are uncertain, as it has been reshared by multiple people on social media since it was first posted. However, it was eventually shared to Facebook by Vinothiny Siva, who posted the footage.

Commenters call on the Toronto Police to launch an investigation into the incident and hope that all the individuals involved can be identified.



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