There might be some soggy interruptions to daily life in Ajax today after a water main broke and started to gush water all over the city street. The break happened at Old Kingston Rd. in Ajax and the intersection is currently closed off as city workers attempt to fix the problem. Officials have warned residents that their water pressure might be lowered, or completely cut off in some areas until the main is completely fixed. 

A video posted on Twitter this afternoon showcased the messy situation as water poured from a main and onto the street. 

Construction workers were spotted on the scene as cars attempted to divert away from the flooded street, as water continued to pour from the sidewalk. 

A city news release states that crews are currently working towards stopping the water flow in the area and getting the situation under control.

Those who have businesses or homes in the area may experience water service interruptions for the day. Residents are supposed to keep watch, as updates will be provided on the situation throughout the day. 

Officials are asking the public to make sure that they run only cold water on their tap for about 10 minutes when the water service comes back, according to Durham Region News

This will clean out sediment that may have built up due to the lack of water flowing through the pipes. 

Crews have been working on the issue for hours now, and the road will remain closed until further notice. 

Officials are asking drivers to plan an alternate route if they were planning on passing through that intersection today. 


It is still unclear what the progress has been like or when we can expect to see the issue resolved. Water main breaks can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to fix. 

However, this isn't the first time that a water main break has caused chaos in a Toronto street.

A few months ago parts of downtown Toronto were shut down after a water main broke on Yonge St. near Queen and Dundas. 

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*Disclaimer: cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

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