In case you didn't get the memo, RIDE has been in effect all holiday season. Although it is more heavily observed during this time of year, officers do random stops all year round. The York Regional Police RIDE program has caught 1,700 impaired drivers this year, so please think twice before driving under the influence. 

According to a news release from the YRP, the number of impaired drivers is on the rise. 

To dissuade people from making this terrible decision, the police force is releasing some of the video footage from the arrests they've made this year. 

The YRP took the opportunity to not only remind people of how awful it is to get arrested and charged with a DUI but also what the consequences are.

If you get caught drunk driving, you will immediately spend a night in jail. Your car will be towed, and your license suspended, according to the YRP.  

In their news release, York Regional Police have said that they received over 3,000 calls about suspected drunk drivers on the roads. 

Check out the video they released of some of the most impaired people they found on the road this past year.

Judging by the footage here, it is crazy to think that people who were this drunk were even able to turn their car on, nevermind attempt to drive it. 

One of the guys in the video can't even get himself into the cruiser without major assistance from the officers. 

Paying for a taxi or rideshare is a way better option than getting thrown in the drunk tank by the police. 

It's a small price to pay to make sure you arrive home safe and without any charges. 

Even if police aren't around, other drivers could easily call in to report someone who seems drunk behind the wheel, like in the video below.

If you don't do rideshares or taxis, get a designated driver or take public transit.  

Have a safe and happy new year everyone!

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