A Toronto police officer is going to get extra scratches behind the ears. After yesterday's Yorkdale Mall Robbery, the authorities managed to apprehend five suspects. Four of them were found with the help of a dedicated K9 Officer.

The police dog, named Jango, was introduced to the world on the Toronto Police Operations Twitter account.

"That's my time. In parting I'd like to introduce everyone to 'Jango'!" the tweet reads, "This is the K9 Officer who tracked down suspects in the Yorkdale robbery reported earlier on
@TPSOperations! He is responsible for 4 of the 5 arrests. Job well done! Good night folks..."

The robbery at Yorkdale Mall involved five teenage suspects who were wearing masks. They smashed a display case with hammers and fled on foot. 

One of the suspects was caught immediately, and the other four were found not long after with the help of Jango.

Three other robberies also took place on Friday at different pharmacies in Etobicoke. Police said they believe all three pharmacy hits were carried out by one group of teenagers, who brandished weapons and assaulted employees as well as a 70-year-old woman. 

They don't think they are related to the Yorkdale incident. 

One of those suspects has been arrested, while the other three remain at large.

But yesterday's star is K9 officer Jango, who really got to shine. He also got some online love from people who wanted to let him know what a good boy he is.

"Congratulations to TPS and especially to Jango for their apprehending those responsible for these robberies. And to all fellow officers who put their life on line every day for the citizens of Toronto. Thank you all!" wrote @RobinAvis246.

"Good job Jango! I hope you received plenty of treats and hugs for a job well done," wrote @cathyalaw.

Police dogs are a valuable part of law enforcement teams, and they even get to have their own graduation ceremonies when they finish training.

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