The international day of celebrating weed is officially around the corner. This weekend on Saturday, April 20, 2019 Canadians across the country will partake in celebrations in honour of weed appreciation day. If you're thinking you might get hungry after smoking up, Pizza Pizza's offering $4.20 pizzas to celebrate 4/20.

In case you forgot, April 20, 2019, is Canada's first official legal 4/20! Which means that thousands of Canadians will be lighting up during the holiday weekend. Let's be honest, whenever there's smoking marijuana, you're bound to need something cheesy to eat afterwards. We're all familiar with munchies, right?

If you already know that you're going to have the munchies this Saturday, we've got a cheesy deal that definitely won't disappoint. Pizza Pizza is selling entire pies for only $4.20 in celebration of 4/20.

Here's all the information you need on the tasty and super cheap deal.

When the weekend rolls around, everyone loves a good cheesy pizza. You don't have to be getting high to get in on this deal - it's open to everyone!

On Saturday, April 20, Pizza Pizza will be offering small cheese pizzas and pepperoni pizzas for only $4.20 at all of their restaurant locations across Canada. 

All you have to do is make sure that you go into the restaurant on April 20th to cash in on this super cheap deal. To be clear, this sweet deal is only available on walk-in orders, which means, no, you can't just order a pizza online to get this deal. You'll need to get off your couch and go into a Pizza Pizza location to grab this pizza deal.

You can visit this link to find a Pizza Pizza location near you.

To read more about the deal, you can visit this link.




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