Across the country, people, retailers, cities and even entire provinces are making strides to reduce waste. Whether you're already on the reuseable train or are still using plastic, a number of policies are in place that work towards getting everybody on board. These are nine places with plastic bag bans in Canada.

According to Environment Canada, Canadians throw out more than 34 million of the disposable carriers a day and when those end up in landfills, it could take about 1,000 years for them to decay.

So people, companies and governments are pushing to bring reusable and recyclable options to the forefront.

Other parts of the country have been working towards getting rid of waste like a proposed single-use plastic ban in all of Canada and similar bag restrictions in some B.C. cities and even the whole province.

One west coast store even got creative by using embarrassing bags to deter people from using them. 

However, only a few places have actually implemented bans already or passed legislation to put the wheels in motion for getting rid of plastic. 

Provinces like Nova Scotia and retailers like Sobeys are among those working towards being more sustainable.

Here are nine retailers, towns, cities and provinces in Canada that have said goodbye to the bags.


On January 31, Sobeys will no longer be having plastic bags in its stores available for packing groceries or for putting produce into.

It's the first Canadian grocery chain to do a full prohibition like this.

Newfoundland & Labrador

Newfoundland & Labrador's ban on the retail vessels will come into effect on July 1, 2020

Though they are trying to say goodbye once and for all, there are some exceptions for ones used to package meat and produce, newspapers, dry cleaning and a few more.


In Jasper, before July 2019, residents were allowed to voluntarily participate in bringing their own bags. 

After that, a full ban went into effect at stores in the town.


At this retailer, the box your shoes come in doubles as the carrier for them with a handle instead of putting that box into additional packaging.

Also, if customers really want an additional outer shell instead of carrying the box, they can purchase reusable eco-totes.


P.E.I. truly led the way when it comes to getting rid of the non-reusables. It was the first province to completely outlaw them back in July 2019.

Businesses in the province have to provide customers with paper versions or high-quality reusable ones.

B.C. Liquor Stores

B.C. Liquor Stores swapped out plastic bags for paper ones in all 197 government-owned and operated stores in the province.

Locations on Vancouver Island switched over in November 2019 while stores in Metro Vancouver will do it in February and the rest of the province will follow suit in March.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia followed P.E.I.'s example and passed legislation that put a stop to the use of disposable carriers from grocery stores and other retailers across the entire province.

It's expected to fully come into effect later in the year.


In 2018, Montreal stopped grocery stores and other retailers from having plastic packages because they have "a significant impact on terrestrial and marine ecosystems," according to the city of Montreal.

Prince Albert

On January 28, Prince Albert became the first city in Saskatchewan to prohibit the single-use sacks which stops businesses from giving them out to customers.

Here's a list of more municipalities with any sort of regulations about shopping bags, even if they're not full bans.

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