Canada finds itself in an unprecedented situation, and getting out of it will take time. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that starting things back up again too early would be "extremely damaging." He also acknowledged the impatience that citizens might be feeling right now.

In his April 15 address to Canadians, Trudeau was asked about things returning to normal, and how it's going to work.

"With spring coming, people are looking outside, wanting to get out, wanting this to be over, I understand that," he said, "it will be weeks more before we can seriously consider loosening the restrictions."

The Prime Minister added that it would be "terrible" to lift restrictions too early only to find Canada back in the situation it's currently in.

He emphasized that moving too quickly would be "extremely damaging" not just to the health of Canadian citizens, but also the economy.

"It seems like over the past days, people are talking about 'oh we'll reopen this, we'll do this, we'll reopen that," he said, before plainly stating "it's not happening yet."

"If we reopen too soon, everything we're doing now might be for nothing. We're making sacrifices, we're there for each other, we need to hold on."

Trudeau added that he would be listening to the input of others on the subject of reopening the economy.

“Once the experts are telling us that we can talk about reopening the economy a little bit, we will take very careful steps and do that,” he said.

The Prime Minister also took the opportunity during his address to announce the expansion of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit to even more people.

It will now be available to anyone who is making up to $1,000 a month in addition to individuals whose EI has run out since January.

Trudeau has previously said that Canada will have to remain vigilant until a vaccine can be developed, which could take up to a year and a half.

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